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God found me and through my relationship with God, I found freedom and completeness. I would love to help you know God, feel His love and be free and complete too. It is the truth we know that sets us free.

Our relationship with God is unique. Sometimes we need help and guidance to understand who we are, who God says we are, and what we’re really here to do. These are pretty big questions to ask ourselves. That’s why I help others find what their heart is searching for and help them discover the Father who has all the answers.

How I can help

Bible Studies

As a Charis Certified Group Leader, I run regular Bible Studies sessions both online and face-to-face. This is a great opportunity to connect with believers in your area, studying the Bible together. Charis Bible Studies is built on the pillars of discipleship, connection and relationship, sharing the Gospel with the world.

If this is of interest to you, then Let’s talk.

Discipleship Evangelism

Are you an unbeliever that is exploring Christianity? A new believer who wants to explore who you are in Christ and renew your mind with His word? Maybe you just want to grow with others in the Lord. Or maybe like many believers you feel unprepared and inadequate in fulfilling the command of Jesus, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” – Matthew 28:19. Well don’t! Your family, friends and neighbours need you. You have the answers to the most important questions in their lives. All you’ve needed is the right tool. If any of the above resonates, then this is a 48 lesson study guide may be just right for you.  So Let’s talk to find out if it is.

Keys to Freedom

This is a participant led, interactive programme, arming the body of Christ with tools to live free and stay free. This devotional style, self-study will educate, equip and empower your relationship with God. As a trained facilitator, I work with individuals or groups to work through the 7 keys over 8 weeks or more. Please follow this link to find out more

and if it sounds like what you are looking for, then Let’s talk

The joy and freedom I get from receiving God’s unconditional love inspires me to share His word and love, and help you build your intimate relationship with Him.

I facilitate the following studies to individuals or groups free. The time I spend doing this is my gift to you. However donations are always welcomed to support our life changing work in Open Arms Homes.

How you can help:

My relationship with God has also led to the conception of Open Arms Homes.

Open Arms Homes

Towards the end of my long and successful career in Medicine, God put a desire and vision into my heart to create a safe place for women in need. He wanted me to provide a place of love, where homeless, vulnerable, or abused women will be shown His love, be healed in His love and know Him. A place where they can discover their true self, as he created and meant them to be, and not what the worlds say they are. A safe place to start their journey of recovery into the independent lives of abundance that He has in store for them.

And so, my journey began, bringing to life my God-given desire. In October 2019 we set up Open Arms Homes as a non-profit organisation, and we became a registered charitable company in March 2022.

Open Arms Homes aim to provide Christian residential homes which are safe places of change for vulnerable and homeless women. Our homes provide a safe, caring and loving environment where vulnerable women experience God’s love whilst receiving help and support to equip and empower them to rebuild and live fulfilled and independent lives.

You can learn more about what the homes offer and the progress we’re making at

Who do you know that needs our help?
If you share my passion for helping vulnerable women and would like to help bring our vision to life, there are lots of ways you can support us. Please do get in touch. Better still Let’s talk. I’d love to hear from you