Discover your true identity and live to your full potential

God found me and through my relationship with God, I found freedom and completeness. I would love to help you know God, feel His love and be free and complete too. It is the truth we know that sets us free.

Understanding ourselves

Our relationship with God is unique. Sometimes we need help and guidance to understand who we are, who God says we are, and what we’re really here to do. I know; those are pretty big questions to ask ourselves. That’s why I help others find what their heart is searching for and help them discover the Father who has all the answers.

How can I help?

I help by facilitating individual or group sessions on bible studies and discipleship programmes.

Bible Studies

Exploring your relationship and experiences with God while gaining knowledge of Scripture

Discipleship Programmes

We will explore who we are in Christ, renew our mind with His word, learn how to recognise God’s voice and acquire keys to freedom and wholeness in Christ.

Open Arms

Open Arms Home is a safe place for women in need. Women who have or are experiencing life controlling issues including abuse and homelessness. A place for those who truly want, and are ready, to change.

They will experience God’s love in action and have a safe place with support and guidance to go on their individual journey from a life of bondage to a life of freedom. They will be equipped and empowered with skills, tools, confidence and believing faith to go on to live happy, fulfilled and independent lives.

Who do you know that needs our help? We’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like information about how you can support our project, please do get in touch.