Readdress your work / life balance (or as I prefer to call it – your life / work harmony!). In this blog I will share tips and information on how to get organised with the things that really matter, so you can live your life in harmony.


Now the world is beginning to open up again to us and we can make plans for all aspects of family, work and home life, the chances are we may be struggling to fit everything into our diaries. That in itself can create a state of overwhelm or even situations where we miss out doing the important things. Most people, when they’re thinking of organising themselves, generally hop into ‘What’s in my diary, what should I be doing?’ Personally, I believe there is a step before this. There is the step of knowing thyself and of having self-care. This is before we get into what most people call time management, but which I prefer to call self-management. This is going to be a blog of two parts. This first one will address what I call knowing thyself and self-care. Part 2 will explore self-management. 


Know Thyself

What do I mean by know thyself? Well, who are you? Who do you want to be? How do you want to be seen? What do you really want in your life? I think it helps if you determine what your top three core values are. You know, those things that encompass all that you are and all that you stand for. One of mine is integrity. The others caring and compassion. Once you’ve identified these, then ask, what are the top three priorities in your life? Priorities for you as a person. Not as a worker or as a leader or as an employer, but you, as a person. I came to the point of figuring this out several years ago. My top three priorities are these: firstly, my relationship with God; secondly my relationship with myself and my self-care; thirdly, my relationship with my immediate family and my friends. Identifying these as my three main priorities has made it easy for me to be able to organise myself.


So, having identified who you are, who you want to be, what your values are, and what your top priorities are, it is now easy to step into organising, planning, and managing your self-care. 



Self-care is not selfish. Self-care is hugely important. If you are not on your top form, then you cannot be all that you want to be for those you want to be that person for. The way I look at my self-care regime is that I have a body, I have a soul (or a mind), and I have a spirit (this is what guides me). Everything I do should be feeding into these three aspects. Like I said……harmony.


So, in terms of your body, you might be thinking of your nutrition, the amount of sleep you get, the amount of water you drink or exercise you do. Even small things like wearing clothes that complement your personality and body shape, or the colours that you look good in. All of that comes into your self-care of your body. And these not only impact on how your body functions and looks, but also how you feel. Looking and feeling good inside out is such a confidence booster. 


The self-care of your soul (or your mind) is what you are feeding your mind. What sort of self-development do you have? Who are you looking up to? Who are the mentors in your life? What books are you reading? What sort of friendship circles do you have? Have they got the same values as you? These are the things to be thinking of in terms of your self-care as they impact your mindset, level of joy and productivity.


And finally, spiritual care, or as I call it, spiritual development. That may be your faith or whatever you believe in. How do you deepen yourself and understand it? How do you incorporate it into your daily life? Find the truth of your faith. It is the truth you know that sets you free from things that hold you back. Get knowledge, get understanding and the wisdom to know when to apply the knowledge.  Spiritual development is a personal journey. Do not continue to float on the sea of other people’s filtered views and interpretations. Find out for yourself and if that makes you feel like you are swimming upstream, that’s okay. You are building spiritual muscles. Apply what gets revealed to you. If you have never done this before, put some time aside for it. Start small, keep it simple but be consistent and you will be amazed by the compound effect it has on all areas of your life. 


Establish a Self-care Routine

We are creatures of habit, but we are also generally not self-disciplined. The best way to incorporate and remain consistent with your self-care is to work it into your daily routine until it becomes a habit. I have worked out my morning and evening routines, both of which encompass parts of my self-care. I call these my ‘bookend routines’. Generally, my morning routine includes nourishment of my body, soul and spirit and I protect that time ferociously, because I know that if I miss my routine the rest of my day doesn’t work so well. My morning routine charges me up and kickstarts my day. My evening routine is my wind down routine, and it includes switching all things off, taking a note of the things I had planned to do that day and being appreciative and celebrating what I’ve actually done.  Also remembering to give gratitude. Just before I go to sleep, I rewind the day and look for those small little pockets of blessings and gifts and the unexpected things that happened. 


As you can see, I use my bookends to maintain my self-care. And if you can imagine that it doesn’t matter what activities happen during the course of the day (the types of books between the bookends), you know you have won the day once you start with the morning bookend and you know that you have been successful in your day when you do your evening bookend. Why not have a think about what’s really important for you to fit into your routines?


The self-care regime then continues into what you do daily, what you do weekly and what you do monthly. Daily I try to keep my bookend routines, my mealtimes and I try to do something for me each day. Something for me that makes my heart sing or something that makes me laugh. Laughter they say is a good medicine. It could just be something as simple as sitting in the garden or going for a walk. It could even be having a karaoke in the kitchen just by yourself (try this, it is so uplifting) …. whatever rings your bell! I try to fit in some relaxation time weekly, some family catch up time and also my date nights. And monthly or bi-monthly we try to give ourselves a treat as a couple and I also try to treat myself individually. If you don’t plan it, it does not happen!


I hope you can see how, by taking these steps, you have more or less set yourself up to succeed because you are nourishing yourself with the things that are important. A bit like a balanced diet. The amount and frequency of each nutrient varies.  Remember when I said my top priorities were my time with God, my own personal time, and time with family and friends? Well, my time with God is part of my morning routine, my personal time includes my exercise in the morning as well as my meditation time, and time with family and friends is something I fit into each week. I know that these three things are crucial to me. I’m powered and motivated by love. I love God and I love people and I do things from a place of love. A place where I want to care for and help people. My top three priorities are crucial to fill my love tank, which keeps my engine running on top form. 


So, this is me knowing myself and creating my self-care. I hope I have provided you with inspiration for how you can begin to look at getting organised with the things that really matter.

If you need help working through this or even just identifying what your priorities are and how to create your self-care routine, please feel free to contact me as I would love to help.


In part two of my blog, I will share about the place of goals in organising ourselves and how we then self-manage. Until then………


Be the Best You!