Traits for success in Network Marketing

According to Bob Parker, there are some common traits shared by those who thrive and are successful in the Network marketing Industry, and he should know! Bob Parker is Forever’s country manager of the UK, Ireland and Iceland. As part of his role, he travels extensively, supporting the regular training sessions that are held around the UK and Ireland, as well as presenting at the company’s Success Day events, which recognise Forever Business Owners’ achievements. Bob spends a large part of his time interacting with Forever Business Owners plus has over 25 years of experience in network marketing himself, so is well placed to comment on the skills and qualities necessary for success in the network marketing industry.

According to Bob, those who thrive in network marketing share many common traits, including:


It may sound obvious, but if you’re working a direct selling business around your existing commitments you have to genuinely want to do it. Ask yourself the following questions: Why do you want to start your own business? What is your motivation? What will it give you that you don’t currently have? Time? Money? Freedom? Financial security? It could be some or all of these. To succeed in network marketing, you need to be clear on your ‘why’, as this emotional connection fuels your desire.


It’s important that you think you can succeed. A positive, can-do mindset is essential.

Being open to learning and doing things differently

Not everyone is open to moving outside their comfort zone and learning new skills. In building a business with Forever Living, there is a huge amount of personal development that takes place – particularly an increase in confidence. Those who are most successful are open to learning and sharing and always see themselves as a work in progress.


Those who are successful in network marketing have stickability. Even if they have a setback, they will handle it, learn from it and move on.

Good communication skills

You have to enjoy talking to people in this business, which is a skill that can be learned. This has grown beyond verbal conversations, as increasingly people are developing their businesses by engaging through social media, particularly Facebook.

Strong work ethic

Building a Forever Living business takes hard work. There isn’t a magic bullet. The difference with a Forever business is that the potential rewards are significantly greater and that the freedom and flexibility many achieve can be accessed in a relatively short time frame compared with conventional employment.

Source: Forever Blog by Bob Parker, November 2019

If these traits describe you then maybe Network Marketing is something you may want to consider. There are many benefits to going into business this way. Have a read of my previous blog post Network Marketing (Direct Selling) – A Better Way to discover more about the benefits and the things to consider. I made the decision a few years ago to change my future and take back control. Today I’m still on that journey and have no regrets.

If you would like to explore whether Network Marketing is right for you then please get in touch. I’d be delighted to have a conversation.