Network Marketing – A Better Way


Network marketing or direct-selling business allows you to go into business for yourself without huge start-up costs, overheads and upkeep. It also allows you to do this within a business ‘family’ that is supportive, encouraging and has your own growth and progress at heart. It means you can work flexibly and you can grow your business to be whatever you choose to let it grow into. It is all about social selling and marketing whilst building authentic, meaningful relationships. Basically, you recommend a product or a service that you believe in and that helps others find a solution that fits their own lifestyle.

Some network marketing businesses, like Forever, are global businesses, meaning your marketplace is wide. It’s not just about selling a product to someone. It is really about making an honest recommendation based on your own personal experience. The other advantage to this type of business is that there is no middleman, so the company can give you lots of benefits and incentives.

A key consideration is the freedom and flexibility network marketing offers. For me, that was hugely important. It means you do not have to quit your day job to be a network marketer. I am a doctor by profession, a coach and a network marketer. You can work the hours that you choose to work or that you know you can work consistently. Your income does not only come from product sales (retail income), but also from the additional income (bonus) and incentives from the company.

It is also a versatile business model. You can continue with person to person sales (as restrictions allow us) or use online connections to help your business grow. Generally, your customer base will start with your own circle of influence, your community… those around you.  And if you so wish you can stretch regionally, nationally or globally.


What it takes to be successful

Firstly, it is an opportunity for everyone. There are no specific skill sets or educational level required. You do need to be disciplined and hardworking and consistency is so crucial. And like with everything in life, you have to have a goal. What do you want to achieve? Is it to reduce the amount of full-time work you are doing? Or is it to increase the amount of time you send with your family? Take a family holiday? Pay the bills? Is it for an income to be able to invest in or to put back into something more meaningful…. Something bigger than you? For me this was the one. It was about getting that income to give back into something bigger than me.

You also have the choice to build a team. It’s a great way to increase your income potential, but equally it’s ok if you don’t want to go down this route.


Choosing the right one for you

Making the right choice for you is crucial. So, in general terms, if you are looking for an alternative and better way of working to create your own lifestyle, the things you should consider about network marketing or direct selling are:

  1. The product or service. It is great if you have repeatable use products, like the products in Forever Living. They are daily use products so people return to buy and repeat orders once they have fallen in love with the product.
  2. The choice of the company is also very important. Legacy companies that have been around for a while are generally better and more stable than the newer ones.
  3. The compensation plan. Does the company have a clear, industry leading compensation plan that is transparent? What training and support is available to you? What incentives are available? It’s important you know what you need to do to get to whatever level you want to get to.

So do your research!

Why Forever?

Forever living Products is a global legacy company that has been a leader in the direct selling industry for forty-two years. Forever is the world’s largest producer of aloe vera products that combines the best of science and nature to offer products of the highest quality.  Various certifications attest to the quality of our products, how the company works, and how we support business owners and team members. We are socially responsible, environmentally friendly with a negative carbon footprint and we also support charities. The mission of the company totally aligns with my personal beliefs and values, in that it encourages people to be who they want to be.

It is also important to check what training and incentives are included within the company’s compensation plan. Forever’s compensation generous compensation plan and incentives  exceed the industry standard. It is an equal playing field for all in Forever. We all start the same way and have the same resources which includes marketing and sales tools, a website and lots of social media tools. The person who introduced /sponsored you into the business will also be there to coach and mentor you and help you navigate the plan so you can achieve what you want to achieve. We have a fantastic start up package which enables you to use the products, so you can make recommendations with integrity.

Never alone

My experience with Forever has been that, although we own our individual businesses, we are never by ourselves. We are never alone. I am part of a community of like-minded, caring people who have become my friends and family. We work closely together and support each other. And together we can help more people either by the health benefits of our products or by changing their lifestyle with the business. We truly help people look better, feel better and create the lifestyle they want and deserve.

So, do you feel restless and unsatisfied? Have you been thinking there must be a better way to work and make a living? Maybe you are just looking for an additional income stream? We are now in a new economy, a new era and network marketing done professionally is great way to not just survive but to thrive.

If this blog has sparked some interest, I will be thrilled to have a conversation with you to explore if it is something that may well tick your boxes.

Feel free to connect with me via the contact form on my website.

I am Rafiat.

I am a mother, a wife, a coach

I am also a network marketing professional.



Extracts from Aloe Life Magazine Issue 8