Doing right by the planet is an important part of everything we do at Forever. After all, we work very hard to help people lead happy, healthier lives and that means doing our part to help protect our environment. Here are just a few of the many ways Forever (and our products) honour that commitment…

On Land

Farming responsibly

  • Our aloe plantations in Texas and the Dominican Republic set a high bar for responsible practices. We have recently undergone a process which reduces our water consumption. We use drip water systems which spot the aloe plant, dramatically reducing our water consumption.
  • We also collect the water used to rinse the plants and reuse it in the fields.
  • We don’t waste any of the rind from the aloe leaves we pick. We grind it up and put it back in the soil as a natural fertiliser.
  • We don’t use traditional pesticides on our plantations. The best pest control we have introduced to our fields is in the form of our world famous aloe goats; our fleet of goats eat all the unwanted weeds which allows a superb crop to grow without compromising the health of the aloe.

Reducing waste

  • Our flagship product, Forever Aloe Vera Gel, which is great for skin, the immune system and digestion, has packaging made from 100% recyclable materials. We sell thousands of these bottles each year in the UK alone, so we love to know that our packaging can be reused instead of being dumped in landfills or waterways.
  • Many sheet masks are made of synthetic materials which, once used, simply go to landfill. Our Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask is fully compostable! Once you’ve finished with the mask, you can either add it to your compost bin or your garden, where it will break down. Perfect for keeping your face and the environment feeling fresh.
  • Forever recycles over 200 tons of corrugated cardboard each year, as well as all the recyclable plastic from our manufacturing process. In addition to our recycling program, we continue to examine ways to improve and reduce packaging throughout our facilities.


In the Air

Cleansing the air

  • Just twenty aloe plants can convert as much CO2 into oxygen as a full-sized tree. That means our millions of aloe plants cleanse the earth of tonnes of CO2 every year!


In the Sea

Keeping waterways clean

  • So many unassuming household products contain toxic chemicals that end up going down the drain and often into waterways. Forever Aloe MPD 2X Ultra is a multi-purpose cleaner that can replace those toxic varieties with an effective solution made with environmentally friendly and biodegradable ingredients.

Protecting the reefs

  • Coral reefs play a vital role in the delicate ecosystem of our world’s oceans, but many sunscreens contain chemicals that bleach and kill coral reefs. Forever’s Aloe Sunscreen  contains non-nanosized natural zinc oxide, so it not only protects from the sun’s harmful rays but is reef safe as well.



Sources:              Aloe Life magazine, Issue 7 by Forever Living

Extract from Forever Blog by Rachel Sharpe, June 2020

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