I really enjoy working out but sadly I can sometimes allow life to get in the way. I also get easily bored with the same routine. So over the years I have developed ways to trick myself out of the ‘I don’t feel like it today’ unhelpful conversations I have in my head. I have tried different routines and now have a variety to choose from.

To keep myself on track, I have a selection to fit into time availability, constraints of flexibility and my level of motivation. On a really good day, when I am seriously motivated, I can workout from a simple written list of exercises. On other days, I want a dance aerobics (love Jane Fonda’s) or Zumba. And there are days that I need the presence of a personal trainer who is doing the workout with me and kick some butt!

So, I thought I will share some of my current favourites with you.  I aim to have at least 3 focused sessions a week and sprinkle in short walks or workouts in between.

Short and Sweet

Looking for an effective but short workout routine? Well look no further! This is a quick equipment free workout (you only need a sturdy chair) that you can squeeze into any routine. I find it useful on days that I am in a rush, so I have no excuse for not working out!

Source: Aloe Life magazine Issue 6 by Forever Living.

Click here if you will like a free electronic or paper copy of the magazine.


Gentle but Effective

I have re-ignited my love for Jane Fonda’s exercises! She was my first love in my early twenties and she taught me how to perform basic exercises correctly. She has a collection of workout routines and aerobic exercise at different intensity levels (check them out on YouTube), including a range of BeFit exercises for the more mature age group or those challenged with flexibility. These are gentle, purposeful and effective. One of my favourites on my stiff days is the total body workout level 2

Walking and toning 

I can find waking a little boring, especially if there is no scenery. If you like power walking and want to do this indoors, then you might want to consider the different walking routines out there. I have recently been using and enjoying Leslie Sanone’s Walk at home fitness videos. One that I have particularly enjoyed, because of the upbeat approach and the added upper body toning, is her iWalk Strong 3 mile walk.

Personal Trainer

If you prefer to workout with a personal trainer (and I do) and can’t afford to pay for one, there are quite a few online training sessions. Browse and see which fits your learning preference.

This is the latest addition to my collection and I am loving it! it is the HasFit collection. I mean, who does not love a name that stands for Heart And Soul Fitness! And it does what it says on the tin.

You have a workout session with the trainer doing the whole of the session and motivating you at those crucial points when you want to give in. With a variety of workouts to suit different fitness levels, you will likely find something to suit you. you can go to their website hasfit.com/ or find them on Youtube. I started with the 35 min Low impact Cardio workout for beginners – low impact but definitely not low intensity! Excited to work my way through some more.

What else…

I also dip in and out of  Let’s get active at Home playlist by Forever Living Products UK, depending on my mood.

So what are you waiting for!

Hope these gives you some ideas of what you can try especially as we do not have access to the gym and in-person personal training. Exercise has been really pivotal in keeping my energy and fitness levels up and definitely feeds my heart and soul and I know it will help you to. So go for it!